About the Association

The objectives for which this organization is formed are to provide recreational facilities for the residents of Belmont Park Estates and their guests, and to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the waterfront area, which has been accorded us.

BBCAI By-Laws (Approved 2006)

BBCAI Continuing Resolutions (Revised April 2019)

Officers & Directors

Officer-Director Name
President Mike Polifko
Vice President George Arnold
Secretary Tom Goeller
Treasurer Mike Polifko
Director Charles Lee
Director Letita Davis
Director Ed Graves

Belmont Park

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BBCAI Trust Agreement

Park Trustees

Jim Foster
Mike Polifko
George Arnold

Committee Chairs

Park Operating Committee: Mike Polifko
Steering Committee: George Arnold
Membership: Van Messner
Dock Master and Marina: Barkley Davis
Social Events: Letitia (Tish) Davis
BBCAI.org Website: George Arnold