Old Colchester Park and Preserve is located at 10646 Old Colchester Road in Lorton, Virginia. The park is located just one-quarter mile from Mason Neck West Park, also owned by Fairfax County Park Authority.

Old Colchester Park and Preserve, a 141-acre site, is rich in natural and cultural resources, with multiple resource protection issues and needs. The site is unique as it is home to one of the last remaining large forested tracts in Fairfax County, a freshwater marsh and extensive archeological findings. Its location along the waters of the Occoquan River has attracted human inhabitants throughout history, many of whom have manipulated and changed the landscape to serve their needs. Today, the park is one of only two parks owned and managed by the Fairfax County Park Authority that reflects a tidal river habitat.

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Old Colchester Park and Preserve | Park Authority - Fairfax County